Monday, October 1, 2012

Episode Review: "No Quarter" 1x03

Episode Review: "No Quarter" 1x03

No Quarter Review

   The plot thickens and interesting characters become even more interesting in this week’s episode of Revolution, No Quarter, where we have the chance to see through flashbacks the story of Miles and Monroe after the Blackout. We also had the pleasure of Lost and Supernatural alum, Mark Pellegrino, being added to the cast; and it seems he is staying for a while.

   In this occasion, the flashbacks where centered on Miles and Monroe, showing how close they were before the Blackout. Bass sees Miles as part of his family and that’s why he decides to help him find his brother Ben. On the road they start seeing dead people everywhere, the ugly truth of the Blackout. People are starving and with no cops to maintain order, the only law standing is the survival of fittest. So this is why Miles feels he has to step in when they see two big guys punching to death another guy to steal his food, and the only way possible is killing them. Bass, shocked, stays behind and just watches. This is the moment where Bass begins an inner transformation that ends in the ruthless monster he is today.

   The revelation of Miles being the co-founder of the Monroe Republic and Commanding General of its Milita was incredible and a really important add to the story, because it shows the obvious abysm there is between the past and present of Miles and Monroe. These two characters evolved in completely different ways and it will be very interesting to see how that story develops.

   On the other hand, writers successfully managed to get us closer to other characters like Nora, who tells how she decided to become a Rebel after losing her son, Aaron, who tells how he had everything he wanted but after the Blackout he became the kid who was bullied in the schoolyard once again, and Danny who showed to have no fear of Militia. But don’t forget the big ending, where Maggie could see, for only a few seconds (and last time?), the picture of her kids when Aaron’s USB memory mysteriously turned on and power went back in the house.

   Ultimately, we have a new action-filled episode with a spectacular scene where Charlie blows up a bridge, and where the story thickens and gets more interesting. The only thing that writers couldn’t polish is the dialogue, mostly the conversations between Charlie and Miles, but I’m sure that it’s part of the idea and with time we’ll see how this character grows, mainly Charlie for being the lead actress.

Calification: 4 / 5 Stars. By Revolution Is On

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