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Revolution Ratings for Episode 1x19

Ratings of Revolution - Episode 19
Revolution Episode 1x19, "Children of Men", scored 1.9 in the 18-49 demographics and 6.48 million viewers, 10% more than last week.

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Pictures and Behind the Scenes of Episode 1x19 "Children of Men"

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Episode Review: 1x19 "Children of Men"

Episode Review: 1x19 "Children of Men"

Review of Episode 19: "Children of Men"

by SpoilerTV

This week’s episode of Revolution, “Children of Men,” was written by David Rambo and Jim Barnes and directed by Frederick E. O. Toye. This is the second last episode of the season and things are starting to build to a climax. This episode featured some great lines and action sequences. We also see the world of Revolution expand a bit more through the introduction of some new characters.

This episode felt a bit stronger than some of the recent episodes and had a few really great moments for me. Miles’ (Billy Burke) declaration that it was “Just another Monday” is a typical Kripke shout out to the fact that the show airs on Mondays. My favorite exchange of dialogue was Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) calling Aaron (Zak Orth) “Chubs” and Aaron responding by calling Neville a “Dick.” The blood explosions in the fight in the Tower are a Kripke signature. I also loved the Star Wars: Return of the Jedi shout out as Aaron and company are trying to break into the Tower under a hail of enemy fire. Watching Dr Warren’s book burn, which is also reflected in Aaron’s glasses is a wonderful visual echo of Grace’s (Maria Howell) revelation that turning the power on could result in setting the world on fire and a powerful image to end the episode wit.

Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) once again fails to kill Monroe (David Lyons). The scene with her pulling the pin on the grenade and then letting the soldier wrestle it away from her was bordering on the ridiculous. The show redeemed itself somewhat through Monroe’s insight that she didn’t really want to commit suicide even if she did want him dead. This does make sense. Rachel is a fighter – she’s been fighting for her kids since Danny was born after all. I’ll admit to rolling my eyes when Monroe started confessing to Rachel that he’d just learned he had a son, so now he understood her anger over Danny’s death. Mitchell does a credible job conveying Rachel’s reluctant sympathy for him. In fact, both Mitchell and Lyons deliver powerful performances in the scene. The flashback to Rachel and Ben (Tim Guinee) after the blackout and the parallel of Monroe’s and Rachel’s comments on needing redemption for the blood on their hands – especially from their children is very effective. We see Rachel at her weakest in the flashback and Ben using the children to give her strength – the very thing she is continuing to draw strength from. It’s hard to believe, however, that after years of ruthlessness, Monroe is suddenly going to have a change of heart and overcome his paranoia for a son he’s never seen. Rachel puts Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) ahead of Miles (Billy Burke) when she gives Monroe the gun and trusts him to help save Charlie. He does save Charlie even if Rachel immediately gets Charlie and Aaron captured.

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Extras of Revolution talk about the time filming in Wilmington

Revolution extras
WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Members of the "Monroe Militia" are powering down from their time in the spotlight.

With Revolution moving to Austin, Texas to film its second season, a small, close-knit group of extras that were cast to play militia members in Wilmington are reflecting on the times they spent on the show.

According to one of the militia members, David Pascua, the group has been dubbed 'Sgt. Sam's Militia of Background Artists', named for the production assistant in charge of the group, Samantha Marie Clark.

The group started working together on Episode 3.

Pascua said they filmed scenes at the former Sticky Fingers restaurant in Wilmington and Smith Creek Bridge in Castle Hayne.

"Over the five days of filming, a camaraderie was established and many us became friends," Pascua explained in an email to our Ashlea Kosikowski. "During that time, the weather was not only hot and humid, but basically unforgiving."

The group soon became brothers-in-arms, carpooling to the set or to auditions, helping eachother and hanging out when not working.

On Monday nights, the militia members gather at The Cellar in downtown Wilmington to watch Revolution together. Revolution stars Billy Burke and David Lyons have even stopped by to watch an episode or two with the group.

With two episodes left in the season, the group is preparing to say goodbye to seeing themselves on the show and to celebrate their time together.

They plan to meet for the final episode of the season at The Cellar on Monday, June 3rd at 10:00 p.m.

"We just want to celebrate our time as extras on Revolution and give the show, the production staff and actors a great big farewell sendoff to Texas," said Pascua.

While the group continues to work on other film and TV productions in and around Wilmington, Pascua said they will miss working on Revolution.

Source: WECT

Revolution is moving from Wilmington to Texas

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT)- City leaders are disappointed but not surprised that Revolution is leaving Wilmington.

Giancarlo Esposito confirmed in a text message to our Frances Weller on Friday night that NBC is moving the hit series to Texas.

Councilman Kevin O'Grady said it seems the story line was moving them away from the Port City.

"They had always made allusions to Texas in the show, and I was thinking if they go to Texas, that it would be hard to imagine Texas here," he said. "We don't have that dry, arroyo type location. So, it's not a complete shock. We have lots of film work and other shows here now and there will be more coming."

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Revolution Ratings Hold Steady

Ratings of Revolution - Episode 18
Revolution Episode 1x18, "Clue", scored 1.9 in the 18-49 demographics and 5.80 million viewers, 3% more than last week.

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TV Promo of Episode 19 "Children of Men"

Revolution Review: Episode 1x18 "Clue"

Episode Review: 1x18 "Clue"

by SpoilerTV

This week’s episode of Revolution, “Clue,” was written by Paul Grellong and Oanh Ly and directed by Helen Shaver. It’s one of the few episodes that hasn’t featured flashbacks. The core storyline was a nice murder mystery a la Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians – hence the importance of clues.

I thought the murder mystery was well done. Admittedly, I’m busy taking notes as I watch, but it really didn’t seem obvious to me. There were clues that could have implicated any of them. Jim (Malik Yoba) doesn’t really tip his hand even when Miles (Billy Burke) tells him to go to his wife. I’d have to go back to see if we have any indication that Jim was involved in the drone attack at the time. Of course, one of the failings of the show for me has been the lack of time we actually get to know the characters. The flashbacks for the main characters do help with that, but there have been numerous peripheral characters, like Jim and Jeremy (Mark Pellegrino) among others, who I would have liked to know a lot more about. It’s difficult to be able to really gauge some of the characters’ actions.

It was fantastic to see Daniella Alonso (Nora) really get to show off what she can do in this episode. Her portrayal of a soldier beaten, tortured, and drugged past her limits was fantastic. Nora was a great tribute to soldiers of any gender and her surrender was of a soldier who has finally passed the final limits – it didn’t make her less brave or weak. I also really liked the Raiders of the Lost Ark shout out when Monroe (David Lyons) sends her the white dress and then asks her to dinner. Unlike Marion Ravenwood, Nora has given up drinking, however. I’m really enjoying most of the women characters, but especially Nora. She returns and instead of resenting Miles for not finding her, she is filled with guilt for having broken and revealed their secrets. Yet, she isn’t paralyzed by the guilt, she’s simply eager to help make up for it. The scene in which she gets free and takes out one of the guards was a terrific fight scene for her. Having the drugs still in her system makes for another level of uncertainty in figuring out who the guilty party is, but it is stupid of Miles to let Nora go (and for Nora to want to go as she is really endangering the whole party by not being 100%).

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Revolution 1x18 "Clue" TV Promo

Revolution Ratings: "The Longest Day"

Ratings of Revolution - Episode 17
Revolution Episode 1x17, "The Longest Day", scored 1.9 in the 18-49 demographics and 5.72 million viewers, 10% less than last week.

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Episode Review: "The Longest Day"

Revolution Review

by SpoilerTV

This week’s episode of Revolution, “The Longest Day,” was written by Anne Cofell Saunders and directed by Steve Boyum. Saunders and Boyum last collaborated on the mid-season return episode, “The Stand.” Interestingly, this episode sees the return of the device Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) removed from Danny (Graham Rogers) in that episode. This episode also features a significant firefight and the death of another moderately important character. Boyum does his usual outstanding job of helping his actors deliver emotional and nuanced performances. I did find that the characterizations felt uneven, however.

Nora (Daniella Alonso) wakes up after sleeping with Miles (Billy Burke), which she’s been trying to do for several episodes, only to be full of regret suddenly. She tells him she sees no future for them other than watching each other die and having made the connection with each other, this will only make the death that much harder. This doesn’t seem particularly consistent with Nora’s character up until this point. It’s possible to explain her seeming change of heart based on how the war is wearing her down, but we’ve seen no evidence of it. Her leading the militia away from Miles to allow him to look for Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) feels like a suicide run – if I die first, I don’t have to watch you die. It was nice to see Alonso actually get something to do for a change.

As the episode begins, Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) confronts Jason (JD Pardo) about leaving him for the Militia in the last episode. Jason refuses to answer so, Neville tells Jason to shoot him. Pardo and Esposito have some great scenes together in this episode. Jason trying to sacrifice himself so that Nora, Miles, and Tom can save Charlie is a great scene for Pardo, but Esposito once again has one of the most powerful scenes of the episode when he tells Jason that even the most evil person has a line they won’t cross, and his line is letting his only son die. Once again, even though we are supposed to hate Tom, you can’t help but feel sympathy for him and what he’s had to become to survive. He is clearly not the coward he was in the flashbacks to just before the blackout when in the present, he takes a bullet for Jason and barely flinches.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Aaron's Journal: The Power of Nanites

During my freshman year at MIT, most of the guys in my dorm would stay up insanely late trying to think up an idea that would change the world. Unfortunately, this pursuit usually just turned into betting someone to do something stupid. Case in point, I remember one night I bet my friend Gary 50 bucks that he couldn't down three flaming vodka shots in under a minute. He gladly accepted the challenge and we set them ablaze. However, as we were stupid college freshmen, we didn't know that you have to blow out the flame before drinking and sadly, Gary didn't realize this until it was too late. Terrified, he spit the vodka out - momentarily resembling a screaming dragon - and lit the common room ping-pong table on fire. Luckily, someone else grabbed a fire extinguisher while I hid in the corner laughing, fairly certain I had just witnessed the best fire story of my life.

I was wrong. Yesterday, I saw two men spontaneously combust in front of me. Apparently the nanites that are constantly absorbing the flow of electricity are also able to expel it on command, turning our would-be rapists into Kentucky-fried Militia. Sorry, Gary. Dr. Warren wins. But what has really boggled my mind since witnessing this event is - the Blackout is potentially the LEAST amazing thing these little machines can do.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Episode 17 "The Longest Day" TV Promo

Revolution Ratings Rises

Ratings of Revolution - Episode 16
Revolution Episode 1x16, "The Love Boat", scored 2.1 in the 18-49 demographics and 6.35 million viewers. This marks a rise of last week low of 2.0/5.80.

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Episode Review: 1x16 "The Love Boat"

Revolution "The Love Boat" Review

by SpoilerTV

Tonight’s episode of Revolution, “The Love Boat,” written by Melissa Glenn and directed by Charles Beeson, features a classic seventies throw back title from Kripke to the classic television show about a cruise ship that brought couples together. While the episode only brought one couple together in that way – Miles (Billy Burke) and Nora (Daniella Alonso) – love did figure prominently in the plot. I thought tonight’s episode was the strongest one we’ve had in a few episodes, but I also found myself wondering if the pacing has felt a little off because the story arc of the series is a bit skewed from most other television series which are in their final weeks of their seasons. Revolution has four more episodes compared to only one or two, so those series are coming to a climax in their major story arcs while Revolution is just beginning to ramp up to the end.

Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) reports to the headquarters of the Rebel-Georgia alliance, and Miles is less than happy to see him. In fact, nobody is happy to see him, not even his own son, and Nora and Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) join Miles in wanting to kill Neville. Esposito is his usual joy to watch as Neville faces off with each of the rebels. Neville is completely full of himself when he arrives in Miles’ office, but by the end of the episode, in a nicely mirrored scene, Miles has the upper hand again, and he tells Neville that Foster is more interested in wins than Neville’s hurt pride. Of course, nothing is going to make Neville more dangerous than depriving him of his pride.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Aaron's Journal: RIP Danny Matheson

A few months ago, when Charlie was first setting out to get Danny back, I stood in my house, hyperventilating, holding the damned pendant that Ben handed me before he died - and in that moment, if there was any way out for me, I would have taken it. I'd spent years after the Blackout in the wild, fighting just to eat. I'd lost everything to it, even Priscilla. And the truth was, I was scared of what was out there. I wish someone else could have taken the burden from me... but they couldn't. Because I owed Danny too much to stay behind, even if it meant ending up bloody in a ditch halfway to Philadelphia. His parents brought me in from the cold, but it was Danny and Charlie that showed me there was still something worth a damn in the world.

When I first met Danny, he was this scrawny, asthmatic kid who could barely keep up with his big sister. I couldn't help but see myself in him. And there weren't many people like me left. Danny and Charlie, they had something that nobody has anymore - innocence. Ben and Rachel shielded them from the worst of things. Let them be normal kids, most of the time. I'm not saying they didn't have to learn to field dress a deer when they should have been watching "Bambi," but to them, the world outside their cul-de-sac was still, somehow, a beautiful place. Because it was full of possibility and things they'd never seen or even heard of - these kids had no memories of movies, or planes, or even of riding in cars. To see the look on their faces whenever they saw some new artifact from before the Blackout, the sheer wonder... it let me see the world that way again, too.

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Revolution Burning Questions: Who Didn't Wear a Condom?

Revolution packed two major twists into Monday's episode — including the discovery that one of our favorites is a father! Read on to discover the proud papa's identity.
[Warning: Major spoilers ahead!]

Love stinks, part 1

Tired of waiting for Miles to surface on his own, Monroe hatches a scheme to bring his former bestie right to him: hold his ex-fiancé hostage! Sucks to have dated a Matheson, amiright? (Rachel, you know what I'm talking about!) Of course, Monroe isn't one to do anything halfway, so instead of just threatening Emma's life, he goes after their entire hometown. No one can ever say Monroe doesn't give 100%.

Family feud

Man, Charlie is really killing it recently. When Miles came in for a little uncle-niece bonding, my new favorite bada-- basically told him to cut the crap unless he wanted to own up to swapping spit with her mom. And thank god she did, because we need some answers around here! Unfortunately, Miles isn't exactly one to open up about his feelings, so we'll have to wait a bit longer to find out what that's all about. But at least Charlie is starting to become the voice of the audience she was always meant to be.

Pictures of Episode 1x15 Home plus Behind the Scenes

TV Promo of Episode 16 "The Love Boat"