Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First Day of Filming! Pictures Inside

   Revolution Started filming Episode 2! The director of the episode, Charles Beeson published the first picture.

Revolution Panel at Comic-Con 2012

   COMIC-CON finally ended after an intense and full of surprises week for the world of comics, movies and television. The news had already travel around the world, but we will focus our attention at one particular panel.

   Some of you were tuned to the news and could follow the event through social networks. You’d probably seen the Revolution panel pictures and incredible staging with the Ferris wheel, the abandoned car transformed into a garden and the huge Hilton’s billboard with power sign.

   Let’s try to put all the pieces together left behind by this year’s Comic-Con, and believe me, there is so much out there that I’ll surely miss something. There are no Spoilers about the Pilot Episode so the anxious ones won’t have other choice than wait till September 17.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Revolution Begins Its Production This Monday

   WILMINGTON, NC – Production for the upcoming NBC series Revolution will begin filming in Wilmington Monday.

   According to film permits, three members of the cast are expected to film dialogue scenes at the NCDOT railroad right of way area and the wooded area near Brunswick, Hanover, and Campbell Streets.

   Later in the day, one of the actors is slated to film outside a business on Castle Street. The film permit said this scene is supposed to be set in "Chicago" and will show the character walking through riot aftermath. There will be some street closures and intermittent traffic control in connection with this scene.

   The show's pilot episode was shot in Atlanta, Georgia. However, the entire series, except for any on-location shoots, will be filmed in Wilmington.

Source: WECT

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Revolution TV Spot "Our Hope"

There is a new TV Spot for Revolution and it is really cool! It talks about the '8 minutes' that the world took to be completely dark.

For more videos about Revolution, visit our Youtube Channel:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Maria Howell Talks to Revolution Is On

   Maria Howell, Grace in Revolution, has tweeted Revolution Is On (@RevIsOnBlog) to talk about her character. The tweet is short actually, but it reveals something quite interesting. Here is the conversation.

@MariaSingsActs Hi Maria! Can you tell us something about your Revolution character Grace? Thanks :)
@RevIsOnBlog Sure...she is smart, wise and holds a secret. Enuf? :-)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Revolution at Comic-Con: Fans Reviews

   It’s just like Jericho. No, wait, it’s like Terra Nova. No — The Walking Dead! Or is itFlashForward?

   Fans at Comic-Con who watched NBC’s Revolution pilot episode only agreed on one thing: It reminded them of another apocalyptic TV show.

Comic-Con Sticker

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Daniella Alonso Joins The Revolution

daniella alonso   Daniella Alonso joins the cast of Revolution according to TVLine. The creator and writer of Revolution, Erick Kripke, said that she’ll be playing Nora and described the character as:
“a rebel fighter battling against the militia that controls North America. And she’s got a lot of rough water under the bridge with Miles, Billy Burke’s character. And she likes to blow stuff up.”

   Some of Alonso’s TV credits include ‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘Friday Night Lights’.

Surce: TVLine

Elizabeth Mitchell is the new Rachel Matheson

   Elizabeth Mitchell is the new incorporation to Revolution, according to TV Line. The actress is working once again in a JJ Abrams production, after her appearance as Juliet Burke on LOST.

   Elizabeth will play Rachel Matheson, mother of Charlie and Danny Matheson. According to TV Line, her character will appear in the show only on the flashbacks. Almost a month ago we gave the news that Andrea Roth will no longer be part of Revolution and her character was being reworked. Now we know she will be replaced and according to TV Line, in the Pilot Episode the scenes with Andrea won’t be changed so we will see a change of faces after the second episode.

   Mitchell, most known for her role on LOST, appeared on the failed attempt by the ABC of bringing back the series ‘V’. Before that, Elizabeth worked on the 7th season of ‘ER’ and had little appearances on ‘Everwood’, ‘House’, ‘Boston Legal’, ‘Law & Order’ and ‘CSI’ among others.

Source:  TV Line

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