Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Episode Review: "Chained Heat" - 1x02

   We have the second Episode of Revolution, “Chained Heat”, wich leaves us a really good general impression. Some key points introduced in the Pilot were deepened, raising more mysteries and questions, but others were only mentioned superficially.

Chained Heat

   The episode kicks off with a flashback a week after the Blackout, showing Ben and Rachel with their two kids packing some things to leave the city and find shelter in the country. Here is where the main story (of the moment) starts to take shape, as we see Rachel entrusts Charlie to always protect her brother, resulting in a sense of duty in the present for Charlie to rescue Danny.

   A weak point of “Chained Heat” is how they introduced Nora, played by Daniella Alonso. It’s assumed that Miles is looking for her because he can’t face the Militia by himself to rescue Danny, but somehow he expects her to do so. Anyway, Nora had a great first episode, where we see her “infiltrated” as a slave of the Militia to steal a sniper rifle.

   There are two characters, Danny and Nate, which need more work on their stories so we can care about them. I’m sure the writers will focus on them later, but I think it’s really important that they do it as soon as possible. After all Danny is the main reason that mobilizes Charlie, and it’s important to the viewer to care and feel about the same things as the main character.

   The episode gets strong as it goes deeper in the mythology when we hear Aaron talking about the Blackout and saying that what happened goes against the laws of nature because the should be able to fix it and create electricity, but something is stopping it. He speculates with it being manmade and therefore reversible. The key of everything seems to be inside the USB memory that Ben gave Aaron to take it to Grace. In case you don’t remember, Grace is this woman at the end of the Pilot episode that uses a device to turn on a computer, and whom we see once again in this episode in front of it writing. The curious part is when we see a book with the symbol ‘ON’ on the cover and some papers with the design of what appears to be a big machine.

   The mystery goes deeper when a strange man knocks on her door. When she sees the man she runs to the computer and sends the message “Randall is here”. This mysterious man, Randall, carries on the same device that Grace has, and he uses it to power on a cattle prod to take her prisoner, we assume.

   The cliffhanger in the end is pretty good. It reveals that Rachel is alive (probably we all knew that) and she works for the General Monroe. Apparently Bass keeps her prisoner to investigate about the cause of the Blackout.

   Chained Heat is a good episode with expected doses of action and mystery. Some questions were answered but new ones were asked. The dialogue of some characters improved a lot like Captain Neville’s, which is putting him as a villain with compassion.

Calification: 4.5 / 5 Stars. By Revolution Is On

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