Thursday, August 23, 2012

Revolution Vs. Person of Interest

   "Person of Interest" is an intriguing show about our current society, drenched in technology, involving surveillance that watches our every move. A machine then processes all of that information, predicting crimes to a precise degree.

   "Revolution," on the other hand, is a new series that involves a future Earth without any technology. There is no running water, no cars, no planes, no anything involving machines of any kind. Although the ideas are on opposite sides of the spectrum, they have a few similarities that may attract the same types of viewers.

RevolutionPerson of Interest

They are both produced by J.J. Abrams

   J.J. Abrams has a history of producing shows and movies with spellbinding stories and gripping action. Along with "Person of Interest" and "Revolution," he has also produced "Fringe," "Lost," "Alias," and "Alcatraz." Movies he has produced include the "Star Trek" reboot and "Cloverfield." Each of these shows and movies combine intense action with a compelling premise. Hopefully, "Revolution" will follow in the footsteps of these wonderful pieces.

They both tackle an interesting concept

   The idea that the technology-saturated world of the present -- such as the one presented in "Person of Interest" -- would suddenly vanish and be replaced with a world without technology is definitely a concept that will make people think. If "Revolution" can capitalize on this brainchild by exposing all of the unexpected problems that may arise from having no electricity rather than becoming a simple show about problems we are already confronting, the discussion will continue at the conclusion of each episode.

   When a show raises questions about an topic, such as this, fans will continue to talk about it on the social networks. It sparks creativity, fan fiction, and other activities that invite the fans to become involved with the story. There's nothing more fun than having the opportunity to extend an evocative story that allows people to imagine unlimited possibilities. "Person of Interest," for example, has spurred a plethora of fan fiction stories, Facebook pages, and fan groups.

They are both intellectual action shows

   MTV Geek had a chance to preview the pilot episode of "Revolution," and described it as "an enjoyable frontier drama with some thrilling action beats." "Person of Interest" could be described the same way, minus the "frontier." In both cases, it sounds like something people will want to spend an hour watching. Great action gives viewers a break from thinking about the big ideas and concepts presented so they don't get too bogged down in the story, making the show too cumbersome to watch after a while.

They both try to answer intriguing, opposing questions

   In the social-media-controlled world of the present depicted on "Person of Interest," the Machine -- and anyone who wishes to seek you out -- knows who you are. In the future world of no technology as depicted on "Revolution," it's basically all word of mouth. Which of these worlds would be better? Both worlds contain people, and both worlds have war.

   Technology has some wonderful benefits, so it is an interesting discussion. The stark contrast between the two worlds is something to think about. It will be fascinating to watch both shows for comparison.

"Revolution" premiere is on Monday, 9/17, at 10PM ET on NBC. Season 2 premiere of "Person of Interest" is on Thursday, 9/27, at 9PM ET on CBS.

Source:  Yahoo!