Sunday, June 3, 2012

Interview with JJ Abrams on Revolution


   JJ Ambrams, excecutive producer of Revolution, gave an interview where he talks about the main premise of the show and delivers some light about what to expect from it and the direction they want to take. Definitely a Must See.

This is what he said:

   The show is an amazing "What if?". The question that the show asks is "what would hapen if everything power by electricity sudenly turn off? What if even your car turns off? What would happen if all the machines that we rely on, every day, went away?".

   This show takes place 15 years after that ocurs, so the story is something... in a world where we all watch and communicate and move and get enterteinment and information, we all rely on this to connect us to the people we love, our firend and families. What if all that went away?

   So this show looks at 15 years after that occurs, and is the story of a group of people who live in a world in a sort of epic, mystique quest. And its something that, when Erik Kripke pictured it, it felt as much as Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. But it happens to take place in US, but this is not the only country in which this has happened, so the fun of this world is that it can be expanded couse the question is, what is happening elsewhere in the world? and that is something that we will be answering in the course of the series as well.