Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Monroe Republic: the Dictatorship.


UPDATE: Monroe Republic Part 1: Resources

   The official Revolution Trailer reveals that the U.S. government has fallen, probably because of the chaos and confusion generated by the blackout. Unable to control people, the Monroe Republic emerged, a military government led by General Monroe, first name: Bass

general monroe bass

   The army of Gen. Monroe, the Militia, is led by Captain Tom Neville, who is seen in the pilot in search of Benjamin. The latter being the only one, if I’m allowed to speculate, who has the solution to restore electricity to the world. This is inferred from the importance given in the trailer to the flash memory, where Ben downloaded some files moments before the blackout. In addition,  at the end of the trailer, there is a woman in a computer and apparently used that memory to provide power. Also confirmed by a brief conversation on the computer, the target of the Militia is that object. It is worth mentioning a curious moment, when the memory is plugged in the computer, a light on the object turns on with the shape of the symbol "ON".

   On top of this, there is something that stands out. In the Revolution Trailer appears a very particular stamp or symbol that belongs to the Monroe Republic. It’s form with a letter "M" within an incomplete circle, as seen in the images.
   Surely it is a symbol used to mark territory and property owned by the Monroe Republic, it also appears as a fire stamp on Nate's wrist and probably all members of the Militia have one.

monroe republic symbol

Monroe Republic SymbolMonroe Republic Symbol

   Clearly the Monroe Republic is a government that uses fear as power: Owning a fire arm is a hanging offense, except for the Militia of course.