Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Revolution Animated Webisodes - Episode 2

Wheatley's Letters: August 10th - Revolution Webisode #2
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Revolution Animated Webisodes:

  1. Episode 1: Wheatley’s Letters: May 7th

Wheatley's Letters: August 10th

I can only send these messages when I'm sent out to hunt by myself, and at great personal risk, so I hope that this is the last one. Below is an inventory of Rebel-held supplies:

- At least 5 semi-automatic assault rifles, varying makes
- Over 150 shells and cartridges, misc. calibers
- 3 grenades
- Assortment of crossbows and compound bows, arrows and swords to equip 40
- 23 men and women of fighting age and disposition
- Another 30 or so civilians who hang around the camp
- Various medical supplies (bandages, scalpels, syringes and manual IV pumps), including some stolen from Militia camps

The one thing the Rebels don't have is food. Every few weeks, they have to split up and head to neighboring cities to find sympathizers who will share their stores. I went with the last group, had to watch while hard-earned crops were handed over to people who are terrorists, plain and simple. You give them food, they're going to return the favor with a knife to your gut.

Here's the rub - on August 19th, they're going out for another one of these food grabs. But this time, they're really desperate. They'll leave most of their weapons behind, so they can move faster and carry more. Their camp will be virtually unprotected. Wouldn't take more than a dozen trained soldiers to take it. Then you lay in wait for the rest to come back in small groups.

It's an opportunity that won't likely come again. A bet worth taking. Within a day or two, you could kill every last person in the cell. And I can come back into the fold.

- Joseph Wheatley