Graham Rogers


Danny Matheson
Name Daniel Matheson
Alias Danny
Age 17
Before the Blackout
Lived with his family in Chicago, Illinois.
After the Blackout
Lives with Ben and Charlie. Suffers from asthma. Captain Neville took him prisoner after killing his father.


Graham Rogers is an actor from West Chester, Pennsylvania. In Struck By Lightning, he plays the flamboyant Scott Thomas of Clover High’s drama department.

Rogers moved to Los Angeles when he was eighteen. Once in LA, he began pursuing acting and taking acting classes. He is currently best known for delivering the line “Can I get a hot tub?” in a popular State Farm commercial. He also had a guest appearance on Memphis Beat (2011).

This year, in addition to his role in Struck By Lightning, Rogers will co-star in the film Long Time Gone (2012). He has also been cast as Danny Matheson in the NBC drama Revolution (2012), which is produced by J.J. Abrams and directed by Jon Favreau. A trailer-style promo for the show was recently released and it is set to air this fall.

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