Tracy Spiridakos


Charlie Matheson
Name Charlie Matheson
Alias ---
Age 20
Before the Blackout
Lived with her family in Chicago, Illinois.
After the Blackout
Lives with her father and brother in Sylvania Estates. When Ben died she starts the search of her brother, who was taken by the Militia. She ask her uncle Miles, who lives in Chicago, to help her find Danny.


   Tracy Spiridakos is an actress best known for her role Becky Richards on the TV series Majority Rules.  Tracy Spiridakos made her TV debut in 2007 on the TV series Supernatural.

   In 2009 Tracy was cast as the lead character on the series Majority Rules as Becky Richards a young teenage girls who up becoming mayor of her town.  The series lasted for 26 episodes before it was cancelled.

   In 2010 Tracy guest starred on the teen actions drama Tower Prep as Penny a student at Tower Prep who boyfriend has disappeared leaving cryptic clues from the Odyssey book.

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