Sunday, July 1, 2012

Elizabeth Mitchell is the new Rachel Matheson

   Elizabeth Mitchell is the new incorporation to Revolution, according to TV Line. The actress is working once again in a JJ Abrams production, after her appearance as Juliet Burke on LOST.

   Elizabeth will play Rachel Matheson, mother of Charlie and Danny Matheson. According to TV Line, her character will appear in the show only on the flashbacks. Almost a month ago we gave the news that Andrea Roth will no longer be part of Revolution and her character was being reworked. Now we know she will be replaced and according to TV Line, in the Pilot Episode the scenes with Andrea won’t be changed so we will see a change of faces after the second episode.

   Mitchell, most known for her role on LOST, appeared on the failed attempt by the ABC of bringing back the series ‘V’. Before that, Elizabeth worked on the 7th season of ‘ER’ and had little appearances on ‘Everwood’, ‘House’, ‘Boston Legal’, ‘Law & Order’ and ‘CSI’ among others.

Source:  TV Line

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