Friday, July 13, 2012

Maria Howell Talks to Revolution Is On

   Maria Howell, Grace in Revolution, has tweeted Revolution Is On (@RevIsOnBlog) to talk about her character. The tweet is short actually, but it reveals something quite interesting. Here is the conversation.

@MariaSingsActs Hi Maria! Can you tell us something about your Revolution character Grace? Thanks :)
@RevIsOnBlog Sure...she is smart, wise and holds a secret. Enuf? :-)

   The part where she says that she “holds a secret” got me thinking a lot.
   For those that don’t remember her, she is the one at the end of the trailer connecting the device in a computer, and then it turns on. After that, Grace starts talking to someone, unknown right now, about the Militia.

   Now let’s think for a moment here. What side does she stands, the Militia or the Rebels?

   Well, if we read the conversation on the computer, it’s easy to deduce that she is not with the Militia. She lies to them about the object. On the other side, we could say that if she is against the Militia, then she is with the Rebels for sure. But, if she really is with the Rebels, why would she keep in secret that she has a computer and she is capable of turning it on? This means that she lies to the Rebels as well.

   Now, it only gets better. Is there a secret group that has its own interests? What do they know about the events of 15 years ago? Where they responsible for the Blackout?

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