Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Revolution Panel at Comic-Con 2012


   COMIC-CON finally ended after an intense and full of surprises week for the world of comics, movies and television. The news had already travel around the world, but we will focus our attention at one particular panel.

   Some of you were tuned to the news and could follow the event through social networks. You’d probably seen the Revolution panel pictures and incredible staging with the Ferris wheel, the abandoned car transformed into a garden and the huge Hilton’s billboard with power sign.

   Let’s try to put all the pieces together left behind by this year’s Comic-Con, and believe me, there is so much out there that I’ll surely miss something. There are no Spoilers about the Pilot Episode so the anxious ones won’t have other choice than wait till September 17.

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   Unfortunately not everyone working on Revolution could attend. The Panel was formed by Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos, Giancarlo Esposito and JD Pardo from the cast, and the executive producer Eric Kripke. And the special appearance of Jon Favreau who introduced the Pilot Episode.

   Although they couldn't reveal too much of the plot and the show, they did say some interesting things.

   Eric Kripke. We have the answers. The mythology will move forward at an aggressive pace. We will answer the questions and then ask new questions. The origin of the show was to make a Lord of the Rings or Star Wars or Wizard of Oz or the Odyssey, an epic saga across America. The show has several story lines equally important. We focused on making deep characters, human, emotional and reliable.

   Billy Burke. Jeff Wolfe, stunt coordinator and choreographer, he created a unique style of fighting for the show

   Another thing they all said is that they had only read one script of the show, and that is the Pilot script. So we won't be hearing a lot of news and spoilers from them, at least not until they read more scripts.

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