Monday, February 11, 2013

Revolution Animated Webisodes - Episode 4

Revolution Animated Webisodes - Episode 4: "Wheatley's Letters: March 3rd"
Feigning patriotism, Wheatley earns a promotion from the Rebels.
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Wheatley's Letters: March 3rd

I sewed up a flag today. A bright, spangled red, white and blue. The last item on a long list of the gut-turning things I've had to do to stay here. Cover yourself with enough flies and you'll fit in with the pigs.

Last week, they promoted me. I'm a sergeant in their little crackerjack operation. I'm a higher rank in the rebellion than I ever was in the Militia. The voice in the back of my head says that'll change when something comes of this assignment, but what if I'm found out before then? Your inaction is already costing lives. I don't want mine to be one of them.

- Wheatley