Thursday, September 6, 2012

4 New Aditions to the Cast of Revolution

Revolution is gorwing! The producers of the show confirmed four new additions to the cast and all of them are recurring roles.

David Meunier

Phillip Devona
Kim Raver
Maureen Sebastian

Phillip Devona will play the role of “Dr. Vidal”. No further details on this role are currently available. His credits include: The Walking Dead, Quarantine 2, Premonition, Chill Factor, Mr. Brooks, The Work, and The Glory.

Grey’s Anatomy alum Kim Raver is up to a “juicy recurring role”. Other credits: Third Watch, Night at the Museum, The Nine, and Prisioner.

The Justified alum, David Meunier, will play “Sgt. Strausser”, who first appears in the second episode of the series. Sgt. Strausser is "a menacing psychopath who works for General Monroe [David Lyons]," creator Eric Kripke says. Besides his work as Johnny Crowder on Justified, Meunier has also had roles on Jericho, CSI: Miami and Prime Suspect.

Maureen Sebastian has landed a potentially recurring role on the new NBC drama Revolution, playing the wife of Aaron (Zak Orth) in flashbacks.

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