Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Monroe Republic, One of Many


UPDATE: Monroe Republic Part 1: Resources

   Now that we’ve all seen the Pilot Episode of Revolution we can go deeper in the theories and especially on the Monroe Republic and the Militia.

Monroe Republic

   A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the Monroe Republic speculating on the USB memory where Ben downloaded some files moments before the Blackout and gave it to Aaron when the Militia found him. We can say that the memory is in good hands, after all Aaron used to be a millionaire and a computer genius that worked for Google. The surprise came when we find out there are more of those devices like the one Grace uses to power up a computer in the end. Before watching the Pilot we assumed there was only one, what leaves us thinking that Ben and Grace used to work together or at least for the same company.

   Without pushing it too far, we could say that this company was responsible for the Blackout. Maybe they were working in a new technology and things went out of control. Another really interesting moment was when Rachel says to Ben in the beginning “It’s happening, isn’t it?”. She knew what was going on too!

   It also was pretty shocking hearing Miles talking about the Monroe Republic saying it wasn’t the only Republic, and that its goal was to restore the power so they could be superior. If Monroe manages to get the power back on, none of the other Republics would stand a chance against them and he could conquer the entire country with tanks and planes.

   It will be interesting to see the past of Miles and Bass, they used to be friends in the army and somehow ended up being enemies and Bass as the General of the Militia. The tattoo that Bass shows in the Episode with the M inside a circle is surely used at some point as a model to identify every member of his Militia.

Monroe Tattoo