Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Minor Spoiler from Giancarlo Esposito

Ok we have this little scoop from SpoilerTV, it's not much but really interesting and promising:
Sammie: I'm loving Revolution! Got any spoilers on what's coming up?You're not the only one digging J.J. Abrams' new postapocalyptic drama: In its Monday premiere, Revolution attracted 11.7 million viewers, making it the biggest drama debut on NBC in five years! And, according to star Giancarlo Esposito, who plays the seemingly scary Captain Neville, things are going to really start getting interesting in upcoming episodes—even if he wouldn't tell us exactly what those interesting twists were. "I know some things that might happen," he coyly told us. "I know more about some personal relationships that Captain Neville has with other characters in the show that the audience would be very surprised by."
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Source: SpoilerTV